Last two months I had to skip my pill (this early & we gettin' this personal, yes) & my skin turned into a bit of mess. I don't get terrible spots, just little random lumps under my skin that turn into blemishes. Nothing major, world is not gonna end, but man, they are annoying. Now I'm back to my hormonal balance, I've decided to take care of my skin a bit more and prep it for the summer sun (haha, yeh, it does sound a bit ridiculous considering that yesterday and today might be the only sunny days of this year *sigh*). Here are three products I've been indulging my skin in - a blackhead remover, a scrub & a mask.

Ginvera Marvel Gel is a basically a green tree gel exfoliator targeting black heads. It has got a very strange texture - a gel that turns into dirty scruby bits as soon as you rub it into your face, and although the whole process of exfoliation with this gel borders on yucky, it's one of the most effective exfoliators I've used. It makes my face feel sqeeky clean! You can read a full review here.   

Yonka Guarana Scrub* is a detoxifying radiance scrub that helps opening pores and is pretty good at actual mechanical removal of dead skin particles. I use it on areas of my face that are in desperate need of a slightly more brutal action - my chin and nose tend to turn into a field of dodgy blackheads when I don't tackle them in time. This scrub feels like it penetrates through these little buggers and rubs them off leaving me with soft and moisturized skin. Plus - it smells heavenly! Do you remember when I writing odes on Organic Surge & its ultimate lavender scent? This is it. Raw herbal (lavender, geranium &  scent,  just the way I like it.

Apivita Face Mask with Pomegranate* is a radiance & revitalizing face mask which works as a moisturizer & antioxidant for your skin. It feels like you're rubbing a cream into your face and doesn't even make you look silly like those horrifying sheet masks! It's like you're rubbin in a thick layer of moisturizer which you then wash off with a piece of face cloth leaving your skin baby-bum soft!

What have you been using lately for a thorough face cleansing?