Me likez cats (as if you haven't noticed, I see you cringe). And who likes cats also likes tapestry, that's a common sense equation, right?! Tapestry fabric is so so difficult to pull off though - I used to see it as rather grannified, some people seem to think it's just a pure kitsch, you know - it's not one to please everybody (or maybe it's one to please just a few). But then - when Jeffrey Campbell can make it work, why couldn't I?   

I really do find anything with any sort of cat print attractive (including leopard print *rrrrroar roar*) and when I can have cat print on a carpet-looking textile, that would be just silly to say no to it, me thinks. Did you actually know that tapestry comes from Old French tapisser which really does mean to carpet? The irony, ay. 
And because cat tapestry is a costly fun (& I'm currently in a place in my life where I cannot afford spending my hard earned monies on carpeted cats, no matter how tempting that sounds), I've put together a little wishlist (with Baron's seal of approval - do you get the reference? Let me know in a comment if you do, yo!) of cat tapestry that I would like to own one day. To start of - I've always lusted (dribbled over, that sounds more like it) over cat tapestry cushions. There are some cheaper ones on E-bay at the moment, but the ones I adore are these £20-per-each Belgian tapestry cushions. They are flippin' awesome! The posh git one in the top left corner looks exactly like what I imagine Cookie does in his head - paws crossed and snobby face on, haha! When it comes to fashion, it's all about shoes & handbags. Who would not believe it - the litas are actually real Jeffrey Campbell. For real. He likes cats, Jeff does. Anyways, similar litas and cat tapestry shoes sometimes pop up on E-bay, but even though it's just on E-bay, they are bloody expensive (over £50, eeek!). The handbags (& a rucksack) are way more account-friendly. The shoulder tote costs around £15 and so does the rucksack and handbag. I might try to save up for the rucksack - I haven't got any and they all cost around the same, so no difference really, hmm...

Do you own any cat tapestry?
Is it too much of a carpet material or do you think it's wearable?

     Happy Bank Hols Monday everyone, by the way!