The other day I posted a navy-toned outfit and to match this rather sophisticated outfit, I put some effort into my make-up. I went for 'porcelain' base (ya know, the posh gits are always pale because they spent their days in top notch restaurants, account-draining beauty salons and on porches of their villas), black eye liner flick & red lips.

It wasn't too hard to get my true paleness back (scrubbed off every little bit of fake tan while goin' through a rather rough tummy bug, meh meh, and used Clinique Anti-blemish Foundation in Fresh Alabaster - applied with C452 Crownbrush*) . My sexy undereye bags needed a bit of a cover up so I used MUA Cover & Conceal Wand in the lightest shade (not too bad for £1.50 & I actually prefer it to by-everyone-and-their-mum praised Collection 2000 concealer!). On my cheeks I'm wearing MAC Well Dressed (got this off E-bay & all inspections seem to prove it's a real deal, but it's E-bay, eh). My eye make-up is super simple - Collection 2000 black felt tip eye liner, Look Beauty brow kit and a brand new mascara by Oriflame - Volume Build*. The mascara has exceeded all my expectations - I thought that the brush looked promising when I first saw the press release but the formula was the actual shocker - it's really wet but dries quickly and I think it gives a very similar effect to Benefit's They're Real, but without all the stiffness and hours spent removing it at the end of the day! On my lips I'm wearing Yves Rocher Grand Rouge* in Bright Red - a brilliant long lasting red lipstick that not only looks lush but also smells like flowers and sweets!

What's your favourite red lipstick at the moment?