Here we go - not only that I buy things that I READ about, now I'm buying things I HEAR about. Brilliant. Just brilliant. The other day my colleague at work wouldn't stop talking about how amazing the Avon linen & room sprays are, so I got myself an Avon catalogue and started flickin' through it. Hmm, so apart from a few (quite a few!) linen & room sprays, I also got into the clearance section - and hey, who doesn't love £1-3 per item sale, right?! So I picked up this Planet Spa illuminating facial moisturizer on an absolute and utter whim. There's no justification whatsoever for this. Sorry not sorry, that's what people call it nowadays.

I haven't tried Avon for absolute ages - the last time I had their catalogue in my mitts was about.. hmm.. 6 years ago?! Well, let me tell you this - not much has changed. Not much in the terms of the layout and not much in the terms of products either to be honest. Although that means that there were not many surprises - it also meant that the good 'ol Planet Spa range which used to be a favourite of mine, was and is still there. This little bottle seemed appealing for so many reasons - it's illuminating (summer, tan, where are you?!), it sparkles, it changes colours in the sun, it comes with a pump, it contains olive oil... you can't really go wrong for £2.50, can you?!

I've been using this for a while now and to be fair - it's something totally different than I've expected it to be. I thought that this was goin' to be an oil for some reason - although it clearly says gel on the packaging - can't blame Avon for this one, but let's face it - the text on the bottle is slightly misleading for us dumber people. It's actually a very thick gel which is easy to use (way easier than if it was oil!). I've been using it on my face in the evening for a kick of hydration, and it's quite good to be fair. It's good for hydration as such, however it does have a very strange feel to it. Once applied onto your face, it slowly dries into a film almost as uncomfortable as a peel-off face mask which eventually goes away, leaving your face absolutely dry (so I guess you could put a foundation over it if you wanted to use this in the morning?), with a nice subtle golden shimmer. I'm yet to get used to the strange tight feeling, however I do think this will be a brilliant product for summer when you're at a seaside, have your face dried out by sun and want to just quickly pop on a moisturizer with a bit of glow on your face before heading off for a dinner. Moisturizer and a shimmer brick at one I dare say.

For the price of £2.50 (50ml) I can't complain - just keep in mind that at first it can feel a little tight on your skin and that it is a very 'sea sun sand' product (definitely not suitable for this land of rain and mud). 

Are you already plannin' your summer holidays?
Where are you goin'?