This is one very strange product. To be honest with you, I don't even know what to say - I just want to show you how strange it is! Just.. strange. It's the Jamela Skin Care 24k Gold Under Eye Mask*.

It's basically a gold-infused under eye mask soaked in nutrients and anti-oxidants which penetrates deep into your skin and stimulates collagen - the thing that makes your skin plump and smooth! To tell the truth I think this little strange thing worked quite well - it seemed to have transferred all its plumpness into my own skin, leaving it very smooth and fine-line-less. I do believe that regular usage of this can make a difference to be honest with you! It's not a difficult product to use (although it does look a tad scary!) - you just slap it under your eye and it stays there - it doesn't move even when you're runnin' around the house, so you can leave it there for more than an hour if you wish so (recommended time is at least 30 minutes).

Nevertheless, a 16 pair pack costs £32.50, which is not exactly my price range at the moment. I might come back to it in desperate times to come in a few years when my under eye bags go even worse than they are now (& they are flippin' annoyin' already!). Have a look at the full range here!

Have you used any under eye mask before?
What's the best one you've tried?