Do you buy things that you'd never even think of just because you've seen them on other blogs? Yeah? Well I do, and now I seem to be buying things I've seen on Daily Mail too. *slaps hand* Although - at least this time it's a book, and that's never a bad thing to spend money on literature, right? To justify this purchase even more - it's the sweetest, cutest love book I've ever read! It's called Fall in love for life, written by Barbara 'Cutie' Cooper.

Barbara 'Cutie' Cooper who's now 96 has written this heart-captivating book about her 73-year marriage with her husband and basically gives advice to all of us how to have life just as happy as hers. The story is not only sweet, but also very... rational, if it makes sense. Love the way she describes it is rather a rational process that doesn't just come - the two people have to consciously make effort to work their relationship out which I find to be a really 'feet on the ground' approach and definitely agree with it!

After 73 years of a happy marriage, I guess 'Cutie' knows what she's talking about, hey?! The book is really nicely presented, with loads of their pictures and little advice boxes 'to remember'.

You can read more about this wonderful story here on Daily Mail, read her blog or buy the book on Amazon. I have to say that it's such a lovely read - all I can add is that reading it makes me happy!

What unique book have you read lately?