Chubby sticks. One more time! Oh no, who am I kiddin'? They'll never stop comin', ever! *echo of doom*. Nah, I'm just jokin'! Chubby sticks are cool, well - some of them. Some of them are rather uncool (the Chit Chat ones, bleurgh!) and some of them are... well, just are out there. The issue I tend to have with some chubby sticks (apart from the Revlon ones since they are a balm stain really) is that they are often very drying on my lips. Oriflame therefore came up with a high pigmentation non-drying formula to spice the chubby stick world up a bit. Meet the Lip Impact Crayon in Striking Rose*!

The packaging is very simple (you can't really go wild on crayon design though, can ya?) - what differs this little one from other crayons and sticks is the formula. I find it very difficult to describe - it's super creamy & glides on very smoothly, but once applied it dries into a glossy finish. It does bleed a little on the edges because of the overwhelming pigmentation, but that's nothing a lip pencil wouldn't sort out. Once it settles, the bleeding obviously stops. It stays on your lips for hours and hours, and it almost feels like it's 'locked' onto your lips (although it does transfer still!). Once faded, you're still left with quite a strong stain effect.

There are 6 shades available at the moment - all high in pigmentation and vivid! Striking Rose, the one I own, is maybe slightly more fuchsia toned in reality! It's not your classical hot pink fuchsia though, it's rather red with fuchsia undertones if it makes any sense, ha!

These crayons normally cost £8.95 but are currently on sale for £5.95! You can get them either from your local Oriflame consultant or online off the official Oriflame website!

What's your favourite chubby stick?
What brand & what colour?