Loads of things in my life have changed lately. People come & go, thoughts come & go, as well as material things do come & do go once in a while. As some people leave, you first think that the space that has been left after them is goin' to be empty (& sad) for a long time, but hey - maybe it won't! Maybe the space in your life & heart is what you need to acquire new relationships, new ideas, new motivation (& some new furniture, ha!). After almost half a year of livin' in this little place, it's still not finished, although I have to say it's gettin' closer & closer, especially the past few weeks made a real difference! Maybe it's the upcomin' spring? (naah, probably not here in England, meh!) Have a little sneak peek into my flat!   

I've always enjoyed company of flowers & plants - no matter that I kill them pretty much instantly (can you tell that these daffodils have got their life just about over?!), they still make me happy very much! By the way, this is my favourite corner from the whole flat - not only because of my sexy wall of happy memories, but also because of the swanky red paper lamp from IKEA which actually makes the room look a bit like... a brothel - in the nicest way possible though, I swear! 

This snippet is from my bedroom - if you haven't got the gist, my living room has got white/a little bit of brown furniture & my bedroom is strictly furnished with dark wood - warm & cosy! Oh hey, there's another paper lamp from IKEA (they cost like 3 quid, don't blame me!). A string with heart shaped fairy lights has been thrown casually across my vanity/work table and makes the room look rather romantic at night time. And finally, a little teaser of my make-up storage. Wants to see more?    

Back to the living room we go! My beautiful bunch of lilies (which I think Cookie might be allergic to as he hasn't stopped sneezing, achoo!) and a comforting quote I got as a present! 

Oh, here you are, little basilisk of a kitten! In my bed, as per usual! *shakes head* 

Would you like to see more, maybe my make-up storage or kitchen storage?