Oils & kittens are my thing. Definitely. As much as I'm obsessed with things cat-related (I ain't no hoarder, I'm a collector!), I enjoy indulging my skin in some mighty greasiness, aha! From hair oils to facial oils, you can read about my addiction here. Apart from the traditional lavender and rose facial oils I use on pretty much daily basis (either for my actual face or on scratches from the monster), lately I've been using Jane Scrivner's Skin Elixir*. It's basically a specially developed blend of jojoba & 9 essential oils which balances sebum in all skin types!

The packaging is brilliant - exactly what you want from a facial oil - a pump that doesn't leak in a sleek golden toned tub with a push-up bottom which helps you use up every single drop! This facial moisturizer is basically a 100% organic jojoba oil blended with 9 essential oils, which help all skin types find their perfect balance. If your skin is too dry, this moisturizer penetrates deep into the cells tellin' them to hold onto the moisture and create more oil, if your skin is too oily, then it stimulates the cells to create less oil. Sounds genius to me! (Obviously in reality this process is much more difficult, this version I'm introducing you to is way too simplistic - but makes sense, hey?).    

You can use this for both evening & night, even under your foundation. Nevertheless, I enjoy using this oil in the evening more, as it is heavily scented (I can smell herbs?) which I find just so relaxing & calming. Perfect night-time treat for your skin! It's a little thicker than your standard facial oil, however it's very easy to use and work into your skin.  

You can purchase a 30ml for £29 on the official website or for just £17.09 with free delivery off Amazon!

Have you tried any facial oil?
What's your favourite so far?