If you know me more, you know that I'm absolutely madly crazily obsessed with the prettiness and originality of US DIY blogs. I consider myself a rather creative person but since I moved to the UK, I sort of pushed this hobby to the back of my mind. Well, maybe it was my uni & work that pushed all the DIY projects to the deep end. Well, never mind! I've got my degree now *happy dance with a silly paper hat on* & that means not only peace of my mind, but also more time for creativity, yes! Here's a little, very simple DIY project I was workin' on yesterday. My wall of happy memories!

Not only am I crazy about photography & carry my DSLR with me just about everywhere, but I actually love goin' through my old pictures, reminiscing, sheddin' a tear or two maybe.. Photographs just fascinate me & although someone might say that I'm bein' ridiculous and too distant from reality (I'm Pisces, what do you expect really?!), I think I like world through the lens much more! Even Helmut Newton said "Look, I'm not an intellectual - I just take pictures.” That sums me up. I like to look like I play it smart, but really, I just like pretty pictures.

So what do you need for this ah-mazing string of happiness? A piece of thin string (doh!) or rope - I've used a nice natural lookin' one, but go for whatever fits into your flat, I can imagine someone could even do with a wire if your flat looks very modern! A pair of scissors to cut the string, a few nails or hooks - I used one on each end of the room & then one in the middle), a handful of tiny pegs (you can get them from Wilko's or stationery shops, sometimes even from bookstores), and what's most important - your favourite photographs. Ooops, a hammer could do! Although I usually just use the bottom of a big yankee candle, shhhh! You simply hammer one nail in, tie up the string, stretch it to the other side, hammer another nail in, tie the string up again - tadaaah! Hang your precious memories on the string, enjoy the immense feeling of accomplishment & be happy!  

If you're on a DIY spree, you can also try to the DIY Louboutins tutorial I posted last year!

Where do you store your favourite photographs?
Do you hang them on a wall or do you keep them just on your laptop?