As you may have noticed, I am gettin' just a tad hooked on all the Oriflame beauty lately, especially the recent Demi Moore collection! Just to throw it out there - my ultimate go-to perfume as of late has been the More by Demi perfume, no joke! I totally fell for the glamorous golden packaging, so when I saw a matching line of lipsticks*, there was no faffin' about - it was love at first sight! They are absolutely gorgeous & far from your everyday drugstore lippy - read on to see why!

The packaging is very elegant and chic, givin' this lipstick line very glamorous, almost Hollywood-like touch. The only downside is that with such a highly polished reflective surface, you get your mitt prints all over them, yuck! Oh wells, can't beat the beauty of them though - I wouldn't change the packaging for a thing!

Nevertheless, it's not just the prettiness of the sleek golden tones, Oriflame took the design to new heights! More by Demi lipsticks don't come with the traditional bullet lid, they have a click-in one, makin' them very.. Chanel-like! Click click click!! How cool is that?! Although I have to admit that I'm not used to such a first class glamour and even while writing this post I find myself clicking the lid on & off as if it was a cheapo pen, aha! Shhhh! 

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The formula of these lipsticks is not a let-down either, they are pretty nourishing & moiturizing (considering the high pigmentation and stayin' power!), the bright red colour has stayed on my lips for good 3-4 hours at work - and my job is simply talkin' for 8 hours straight! I absolutely love the red shade, which I think is so glamorous and the name truly speaks for the shade - Hollywood red! The pink colour is slightly less long-lasting, however that is obviously due to the lightness of this shade. The whole More by Demi line consists of 6 shades, however I do recommend you Google a swatch or two as the swatches online are not very true to real shades.

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You can get these lipsticks either from your local Oriflame consultant or online off the official Oriflame website. Each normally costs £15.95, however they are currently on sale for just a tenner (£10.95) each! Definitely worth every single penny & would make a lovely present too!  

What's your go-to lipstick these days?