Everyone loves a good multipurpose product, ay? Well, I definitely do. Makes you feel that you're investing money in something more than just a single blush or lipstick & therefore these purchases are totally justifiable, right? I think that, apart from the standard lipstick as a blush/blush as a lipstick combo, the best multipurpose products are marble baked goodies. Just like this MAC Skinfinish in Earthshine

I am not usually keen on MAC products because I believe they are a bit too pricey & there are high street alternatives to these rather expensive products, but sometimes.. just sometimes when I'm browsing through E-bay, I find an odd MAC product that I like - for both the looks of it & the price (you have to be very careful when buying MAC off E-bay, can't even stress this enough!). One of these finds is this MAC Skinfinish in Earthshine, which I believe was part of the Heavenly Creatures limited edition. Nevertheless, there are always limited editions with marble products poppin' up here & there, and not only by MAC.

Now why do I like this product so much? Because you can use it four different ways! You can use it as a bronzer all over your face or just on the apples of your cheeks - it has got a great natural brown/tan shade (no tangerine in sight!), however you do have to have a slight tan on to pull this dark all-over-the-face bronzer off! If you're like me during winter, you might want to use this as a contouring powder rather than a bronzer. Again, it deliver very pretty depth without orange streaks and is really easy to blend in! Because of the slight shimmer in this product, using it as a contour delivers quite a nice highlight on its own, however you can swipe your finger in the golden tones to bring out your cheekbones as well as brow bones a little bit more! Finally, you can use this product instead of your regular eyeshadow! I actually love how all the shades go together, so I swipe my brush in brown/beige shade all over the lid, in the dark burgundy for a crease definition and in the golden shade for the inner corner of my eye as well as brow bone!  

I really think that this is one of the best multipurpose products I own as you don't really need much more on your summer travels! Gives you pigment & glow, yet keeps it all oh so natural! As you can guess, the quality of this product is amazing - great pigmentation, stayin' power & blends in easily!

Thinkin' about the availability, you can still get this product on E-bay from time to time, I think I've seen it on Amazon the other day, you can also browse blogsales or just pick up a similar product from your local drugstore - FamousX are sellin' similar baked marbles at the moment!

What's your favourite multipurpose product?