This weekend was all about lazyin' around, sortin' out old crap, playin' with Cookaroo (that's my kitten when he's being a naughty bugga), learnin' how to cook stir fry & drinkin' too much red wine followed by an absolutely out of tune singing of Smile Smile songs! Therefore the appropriate outfit - a comfy woolen dress in a cheerful colour with a happy kitten face on it as you can spot below! Can you believe it's from Asda?

This dress is actually a present I got from a friend on St Valentine's because I once pointed at it in Asda and made a little happy 'It's-a-kitten-dress-it's-a-kitten-dress' dance & surprise surprise he got the hint! Haha, bless him! He even got me the right size (I wouldn't be able to pick the right one myself!) so it's just the perfect ratio of body-con & bagginess. It's such a comfy dress I can't even tell you! I don't understand why I haven't had a jersey/woolen dress in my wardrobe for so long *cuddles the softness*!   

Even Cookie loves cuddlin' it, awwwh! He's been such a good boy lately - still bitin' occasionally, but most of the time he's bein' a little cuddly baby like this. 

I'm pretty sure they still have it in Asda & it costs around £15 (if I remember right). Not too bad considering it's an actual dress! 

What have you been up to this past weekend?