I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed the new range MUA has come up with - and let me tell you, it's a good one (not that anyone's really surprised right - it's MUA!). The new Undress your skin collection ranges from primer to highlighter and should help you create a flawless yet natural glowing look, just in time for spring! The first product you should not miss is the Illuminating Foundation. 

I'll be honest with you - I dislike MUA foundations with passion, they are cakey, they are drying, they clog up my pores.. just yuck. This new one though may have won me over tho! The packaging is rather refreshing for a drugstore brand - sleek beige tube with a screw on lid (very Caudalie-tinted-moisturizer-like!). The product itself doesn't have any scent to it so I would assume that it should be sensitive-skin-friendly. The description of this product claims that it is suitable for all skin types, which I however have to disagree with in a way. Me with my dry flaky skin at the moment struggle a bit - I need to use a thick moisturizer (e.g. this La Roche-Posay one) to avoid dry patches that this foundation tends to cling onto & little clutters around my nose (how for god's sake does one describe those yucky dry bits?!). Once I apply the moisturizer, it's all good - so don't worry, if yours skin dry like mine, you can still make it work!

This foundation comes in 3 different shades - porcelain, beige & golden and although I have got the lightest shade - porcelain, it does suit me nicely, so maybe this might not be for the very very pale people out there! You can use this foundation either as a full coverage, when you apply a rather thick layer or like me just as a medium coverage (with a lighter hand). Even as a medium coverage, it still does a pretty good job at covering blemishes and even under-eye circles (this is a surprise to me, as foundations normally can't deal with this very well!). Finally, the illuminating effect - when I first heard about this foundation, I was expecting something like Rimmel's Wake Me Up. Thanks god it's so not the same thing. I've never bought the full size Rimmel foundation because, no offence to those who love it, I felt like a glittery disco ball with it on. It's so shimmery (almost glittery!). This MUA foundation though contains shimmer particles so small that you can't even see them with a bare eye, yet still when you've got the foundation on your skin you can see that it does have reflective pigment in it. Finally someone took the illumination the right way! Thanks MUA!   

Overall, I say this foundation is great when you know how to combat your dry flakes & patches, otherwise it might be a bit tricky. The illuminating effect itself is brilliant - just the right amount of illumination to feel beautifully glowing, not like a chunk of glitter! This foundation comes in a 35ml tube & you can get it for £5 (now on sale for £3!) in selected Superdrugs or on the official MUA store website. 

Have you tried the new MUA range? 
What are your thoughts?