As I already mentioned in the post from yesterday, my skin went a bit wild in the past month or so (due to the weather & maybe the lack of hormones too - I'm on a break from my pill *nervously fidgets*). Even my standard oil potions were no help, so I had to go for something more radical - & what is more radical than a lipid enriched thick moisturizer by La Roche-Posay?! On most days (& nights) I pair the Nutritic Intense Riche with Hydraphase Intense for eyes.

First of all, La Roche-Posay is nothing new to me. I used to use their Effaclar range when I had a bad case of post-allergic acne and it was about the only thing ever that helped me, so I do tend to have high expectations when it comes to this brand. The packaging is very simple & 'French phramacy' looking (if that makes sense).
The Nutritic Intense Riche is one of their most recent launches & is aimed at very sensitive, overly dry skin suffering from flakes & patches. Yeah, that does sound familiar to me. It comes in a heavy glass jar & the product itself is a white thick almost balm like cream which does look a little terrifying, but once it touches your skin it melts into a very thin highly absorbing almost lotion which doesn't leave clogged-up feeling or that usual mask-like greasy film you get with super hydrating moisturizers. I use it both in the evening and in the morning under foundation as it doesn't affect it by any means and can definitely tell the difference as it makes my skin feel very soft, plump and hydrated through the whole night/day. You can feel an immediate effect which is what I love about this product the most. Have got a rough dry patch on a cheek? One swipe of Nutritic Intense Riche & it's gone! YES! 

As I ran out of the Benefit eye cream, I grabbed this little gem in sale in Boots. Hydraphase Intense for eyes is again aimed at sensitive skin around your eyes, particularly at reducing puffiness. I use this every evening and although I can't tell whether this helps with puffy eyes (as I'm rather the dark circles type, meh), it definitely does hydrate and makes the skin around my eyes feel more hydrated. The product itself comes out in a clear gel form and therefore cools the area around your eyes once applied.

You can get both products in Boots or online - both products cost usually around £15 mark (& you can get it on the Escentual website).

How do you deal with flakey dry skin?