This review is long overdue - for a number of reasons. First & foremost, I was too pale to be able to use this, so I had to learn how to use fake tan properly on my face (that took a number of attempts) and then my winter skin ruined all attempts of wearing this due to unbelievable amount of flakiness. On the top of that, this foundation is quite a tough one to manage I have to say - well, read it for yourself - the New CID I-perfect colour adjust foundation.

As to the packaging, this used to be in a brush form, but I assume because that wasn't the most hygienic option, they reverted back to a simple pump. I really do like the reflective design with a little smart see-through line showing how much product is left. It's the little things, right?  

The consistency is quite thick and this is where the tricky bit comes - you have to work it into your skin really quickly, I feel, otherwise you risk streaks. It also clings onto dry patches, so your skin needs to be perfectly hydrated before the application (overall, I would rather recommend this to oily/combination skin than dry). I also found that you do need a good brush to achieve an even application (maybe that's why it used to come with a brush application, huh?). Nevertheless, once applied, I feel that this foundation stays on whole day ('clings' onto your skin until the last breath) without making it feel tight - however on my dry skin it does get a little bit patchy towards the end of the day.  

As to the shade range, this foundation comes in 6 different shades. I picked the second lightest - Vanilla. The new CID foundation is apparently colour-adjusting, which is probably partially truth, but as I'm used to the colour-adjusting abilities of BB creams, I wasn't too impressed. The shade Vanilla came out very dark for my natural winter skin tone, and it did not seem to be adjusting visibly. I had to pop on some fake tan to be able to match the shade better, oops! I do therefore recommend you go for a lighter shade than you would normally, at least if you're looking at the paler ones! The coverage of this foundation is rather high, I would say medium-high to be precise.    

This new CID foundation is quite hard to work with but I do believe that if your skin is not suffering from dryness, it could work really great for you! It is definitely not worth dealing with though if you're skin is as dry as a trout (like mine, bleurgh!). You can get this foundation for £28.50 at online retailers or for less painful £22 on Hair Trade

What's your favourite foundation at the moment?