Valentine's Day with Lush: Tender is the Night
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching & I've still got a few more tips how to make it that little bit more special! I personally associate Valentine's Day with strong vanilla & floral scents, which is rather cliche, but hey - whatever makes ya happy, yer? This year, Lush came up with a few new products just in time for this special occasion & as a bonus, they didn't fail to deliver just the right scent with them! The brand new Tender is the night massage bar is literally an epitome of romance, love & Valentine's Day.

I'm not a particular fan of Lush (I love most of the products, but their campaigns & over the top stalking-me-through-the-shop attitude just isn't my cup of tea, meh), but once in a while I get caught in the hype - like today. This massage bar is probably the best Lush product I've tried, no joke! I'd give it a higher score than to the Big shampoo & that, ladies, that means something! The bar comes in a 30g cream heart with fuchsia bits in the core. As soon as you pop it into your hands, it starts melting (really quickly - maybe a tad too quickly for my clumsy hands!) into a gorgeous smelling massage oil. It feels so lovely on my skin - it's one of those products you religiously put on your body before you go to bed just because the scent helps you drift away easily. It smells like vanilla, jasmine & ylang ylang (I can smell roses in it too) and when you wake up in the morning, your skin is so soft! I can imagine that a massage with this bar would be the perfect ending to a romantic Valentine's Day, as it puts you in such a relaxed happy mood. 

You can get this massage bar in your local Lush store for just £6.95 or you can also order it online here.

NOTE: Tender is the Night no longer looks like a heart, it now comes in a oval shape with a little flower attached to it! 

What's your favourite Lush product at the moment?