Gift idea for Valentine's Day: Amber Jewellery

I don't ever seem to find time to do 'seasonal' posts but thought hey, I've never celebrated Valentine's Day, so might try to get into the spirit with a few theme posts! The first one is about the most obvious Valentine's gift - jewellery! To make it a little bit more interesting you don't need to necessarily get earrings, rings or necklaces, you can get a brooch. And why not one with an amber stone in it?

Obviously, depending on your budget you can either go for cheaper alternative from Accessorize or Claire's, or, if you would like the present to last & gain more value over time (maybe your wife-to-be-one-day could pass it on to a grandchild, you never know!), you can get the real thing (gold, silver, gems or diamonds?). This beautiful brooch is from Henryka - a specialist jewellery store where you can get the most beautiful amber rings, amber necklaces and the cutest most elaborate amber brooches! This particular one is made of silver & costs £32, which might seem as a lot but it's such a timeless present that you can give to any woman! 

The delivery is only 99p & it comes in a really nice simple box with floral detailing.
Do you like receiving jewellery for Valentine's Day?
What's the best present you ever got from your beloved?

Gift idea for Valentine's Day: Amber JewellerySaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave 💭 I have won this piece in a competition - the best kind of Valentine's Day gift ha!