Have you noticed? MUA is on the roll! So many unique trendy products on the shelves of Superdrug, most of them with catchy names, shelves way tidier & discounts flying sky high. Hell yes! I picked up a few things (read more than I should have) & there are some true gems among the new releases! One of them is my new best make-up friend - the Pro-base Complexion Kit!

I'll be honest with you - when I first saw the Pro-base Complexion Kit has been released, I was a bit dubious about it. I'm not too keen on MUA foundations, as they seem to clog my pores and I overall prefer more natural BB creams than foundations in general, so I thought this might be a bit similar. Plus I've read that some people find the foundation in this kit too drying, the highlighter not highlighting & the concealer not concealing. Yet I still went for it & thanks goodness I did! It couldn't be further from what I've read about it!

The packaging is simple, yet functional. I like how flat it is, as it fits nicely into my handbag (right next to a book, ha!). In addition to that, it contains a little mirror, sponge & a brush inside which are actually quite useful! 

There are three shades available - I've picked ivory (the lightest one), but I might have a look into nude towards summer when I get some tan (fingers crossed - I believe in you England!). The kit contains three products - a cream to powder foundation, a concealer and a highlighter. The foundation can be applied with the sponge or just your fingers (which I prefer) and has got shockingly good coverage! Swatchin' it on my finger, I assumed it was goin' to be fairly sheer, but in fact it's almost a full coverage when applied! It feels very light on my skin and doesn't clog my pores, although I always do apply a good moisturizer first. I prefer applying it from the very centre of my face and blend it out, as this shade matches me so perfectly, you can't see any harsh edges! The concealer is alright, it's not exactly a strong point of this kit, but it does a decent job, yet keeps your look very natural. Finally - the highlighter was such a surprise! I'm used to pearl toned highlighters and automatically assumed that this colour would suit me as a blush or even as a contour maybe. All wrong. It actually blends in nicely and leaves an amazing 'glow' on your cheekbones! Love it!     

So today's post has taught us that not every product is as you'd expect it, it might actually be more than surprising! I can see myself using this kit to death, especially for weekends away and sleep overs at my friends! Such an easy application and lovely natural results!
You can buy it in selected Superdrugs or or online on the official MUA store website for only £6! 

What's your favourite new launch by MUA?