Okay, I do have a thing for kitten things. Someone might call it an issue. But - it makes me happy & doesn't harm anyone, so it's all good right? I actually even thought that I could post only kitten themed outfits. But then, maybe I should have a separate tumblr just for this? Haha *crazy cat lady laugh*! Today I just wanted to give heads up to all those kitten crazy people out there - this pretty Wallis jumper's on sale!

I actually didn't buy this myself, but got it for Christmas from Daz! One of the best presents ever, I have to say! Kitten themed clothes is hard to beat, ha! This jumper is so easy to wear. I think I've worn it every single weekend since I got it, it's such a comfy material and shape! You can pair it with leggings, shorts, jeans.. literally anything. I usually wear a vest top underneath as it's been quite freezing outside lately.
To be honest, I was a bit worried at first that it might be itchy and that the gems (on eyes & whiskers) were gonna fall out in the washing machine, but no - no damage done at all, and it's incredibly soft to touch! Yay! 

As I've already said, this cute jumper is now on sale on the Wallis website - it used to be £35 (Oh god, yes. Bless Daz for gettin' it for me!) but it's down to £25 now! 

Just out of curiosity, what's your favourite animal?