The year 2012 has seen the biggest boom of oils on the beauty scene, especially when it comes to the Argan-induced oils. I've tried a number of them myself, and have to agree with the masses that Argan oils are a revolutionary discovery. Nevertheless, they are not all the same. Some contain -cones, some parabens, some just make your hair too greasy. When I got my mitts on the Russell Organics' 100% pure Argan oil, I was extatic. Pure Argan oil. Can that even go wrong?

I've been using this oil for about two months now (no, this is not one of those reviews after a drop rubbed into blogger's hand, no, no, no!) and can in all honesty say that this oil is one of the best argan oils out there. One of the main reasons why I love it is that it is truly multipurpose and you can use it for literally every part of your body. I use it on my hair to give it a bit of shine & seal the ends (both as a treatment and just on the ends!). I use this oil on my face, as it combats dry patches and flakes, nourishes skin in the depth & makes it overall nicely plump & bright. I use it on my body, on especially dry patches which I sometimes get on my arms and shins, or after shaving/epilating to calm the irritated skin down. I also use it on my nails & cuticles too, it nourishes them & makes them less ridged.  

This Argan oil is toxin  free, paraben free, sulfate free, colorant free and parfum free - has got no scent to it and shouldn't irritate even the most sensitive skin. There's really nothing you could complain about! You can buy this on the official Russell Organics website for $28 (massive 59ml bottle!!) & believe me, a little goes a long way!

Have you tried any Russell Organics products?
What's your favourite Argan oil so far?