Lately I've been so busy with work & certain personal matters (bein' skint & broken up ain't the perfect combo for a happy life, trust the girl on this!) that all my shopping consisted of either e-bay or quick after work runs into H&M/Primark, as they are on the way to the train station. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, because I managed to find quite a few great bargains, which I would like to share with you! 

The first one is this ah-mazing shirt! It's been in H&M for absolute ages, and I remember hoping it was gonna go into summer sale last year but it never did! I was so gutted! I absolutely love the print & the colours, but for £20 I though eh, no way. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And almost a year later I snapped it in the sale for £7!! GET IN!  

As per usual, Cookie wanted to be in the pictures.. although towards the end he got rather peed off by me pretending he was a little baby and started biting my hand off. Look at the vicious grin on his little face, haha!

The first find off E-bay is this pretty little ring with kitten head & a little fishie. It cost something like 20p & makes my day every time I wear it. Yes, I'm almost 24 & I wear a ring that looks like a kitten AND a fish.  

Next up is this stunning blue collar necklace off E-bay, which cost about £2 (just search 'collar necklace') and it comes in a number of colours and variations. I've got it in orange & cream as well, which I'll show off some other time. I think these massive necklaces make outfits so much more interesting and put together! 

And finally, I'm wearing my fake disco pants (£6.99 from a brandless shop in Brum) & pull on faux suede over knee (or just below the knee I'd say) boots off E-bay. They cost something like a tenner and are so comfy!  

What bargain made you do a little happy dance lately?