You may have noticed that one of the brands that I absolutely fell in love with is Korres - a Greek skin care brand. So when I got a chance to try some more of the Greek goodness - this time by Mastic Spa, my heart obviously couldn't help skippin' a beat. Have you heard of Mastic Spa before? No? Then listen, because it seems to be something very special.

Mastic Spa is a company many probably has not heard of yet, but I do strongly believe that it will be on loads and loads of blogs very soon. The packaging is eye catching, the ingredients are natural, it contains mastic - a 'wow ingredient' and it seems to have immediate multiple effects on skin. Can't really go wrong with a product like this, can you?! 

Now, apart from being all natural (as quite a few brands are nowadays - or at least claim to be), Mastic Spa products contain mastic - an ingredient you can only and exclusively find in this brand. So what is mastic? It's basically a plant resin from a mastic tree which grows on only one island in the world - Chios. Hence mastic is sometimes called the 'tears of Chios' as it comes out as a liquid leaking from the bark but then dries into golden-toned drops. It's a very rare ingredient containing mastic oil and it has been used in pharmacy and cosmetology for absolute ages - it has got antibacterial properties, it whitens teeth and heals burns. 

Did you know that mastic was one of the main ingredients used for mummification in the Ancient Egypt?  

And when it can preserve thousands and thousands year old mummies then I bet it can do something for my skin too, aha! Mastic basically creates a thin protective film on your skin and under this film it releases all the goodness into the depth of your skin - it even contains traces of zinc which protect you from UV-radiation!

Mastic Spa specializes in production of skin & hair care products made with the mastic ingredient, usually adding a few extras - from hemp to diamond powder, depending on what skin/hair issues you need to tackle. I've been sent quite a few samples to try out & for the first impressions I have to say I'm blown away. I really like the scents (very Greek-holiday-like to me) and the moisturizers work a treat. Let's see how I get on with them in a long-term run. Also, there will be a little giveaway of some Mastic Spa products soon - so keep your eyes peeled, hey! To find out more about the brand, feel free to pop over to their website!

Have you ever tried Mastic Spa products?
What do you think about them?