Alessandro might be a nail polish brand you have not yet heard of. At least this is my very first bottle - how exciting! It is a company goin' by motto 'by professionals for professionals' and that's what their products are all about - high quality, unique patents, efficient packaging. Here's a sample from their line of 99 top fashion colours - Silky Mauve*.

I really appreciate the packaging - especially the lid. It's got little dips that are perfect for your fingers to grab onto so you don't have to worry that the lid is gonna slip out of your hand - sounds improbable yet my laptop is a proof that it can happen. The brush is quite large (yet not as large as the mahoosive Essie brush, bleurgh!). 

The formula is quite opaque - you can either go with one thicker coat or two thin coats to get a fully opaque finish. Dries very quickly! 

This nail polish claims to stay for a week on your nails - I guess if your nails are strong and do not bend/break easily, then it might be a valid statement. On my thin nails it lasts for about 3 days - not a bad result to be honest! 

For a generous 10ml bottle you'll have to splurge $12 (just under a tenner!), which if you are looking for a good quality long lasting nail polish isn't too bad! Have a look at the whole range here!

What's your absolutely favourite nail polish brand?