Aussie brought out a new range of hair care! Yes! Ignore my excitement really, I always go a tad mental when there are new products or collections out, it's just the trait that develops alongside bloggin' I guess. I've never tried Aussie before, don't ask me why - I don't even have a rational answer. Maybe because it's one of those products everyone praises too much? See, that does not even sound logical. *sigh* But hey, here I am. I've tried it. And you know what? I flippin' love it! The whole glorious Aussie Miracle Shine range*! 

It is no secret that hair products promising shine & sleekness do scare the hell out of me. My hair is very thick and heavy and what's worse than slappin' on a load of chemicals that make it even more 'sleek' than it is on its own, huh. Why, I was so wrong. This is a rare occurrence in the world of hair products - a shine range that makes your hair actually voluminous and feelin' 'light'?! No joke!  

The shampoo and conditioner are absolutely brilliant. They smell like sweet chewing gums and raspberry yoghurt (at least to me) and the scent lingers in your hair for at least the following day - yum! As I've dyed my hair the other day (after about 4 years of not touching it at all!), so a shine factor was much needed. Aussie did not disappoint. It left my hair so so shiny and smooth. I only use the conditioner on the ends of my hair (from shoulders down) because I don't like the feeling of thick conditioners on my roots. But that's with any conditioner.    

The 3 minute miracle deep treatment works a treat too! I've only used it once as I don't usually have got too much time in the shower (yes, I'm so skint I'm having super quick showers just so I get a fairly low water bill at the end of the month!). It has made a difference to my hair though - especially in the softness! I even got a compliment from a certain boy... *wink wink*

You can get Aussie products in most supermarkets and drugstores, costing from £4-6 per bottle. Very reasonable for such brilliant results, me thinks! 

What's your favourite range from Aussie?
I want to try more!