I am fully aware that in the picture right below my head looks as if in a totally wrong ratio to my body. I would like to say that it's just the angle of the picture but alas, I do think it might actually be the reality. My head is pretty damn big. Not in a metaphorical sense. Oh wells. Now let's forget bout my head & focus on the 'tashes. Who doesn't love a good 'tash hey?! And who wouldn't love a top with not just one moustache, but eight of them, featuring  legends such as the Walrus or the Dali?! I do, I do - look!

You know what's so super duper cool about this top? That it's a present - it just shows that the person knows me too well when he gave me this, haha! Oh, and another cool thing? It's from Asda! And it costs something ridiculous like £8! Whehee!


It's a really soft and comfy top made from good quality material, plus I really like the gray colour. And the 'tashes!! And Cookie likes slappin' my face. 

I'm not sure whether this top is still in Asda, but you can try and have a look around, there was still a massive pile about two weeks ago!

What's your favourite piece of clothing at the moment?