This is going to be controversial & for some maybe life changing post. No, I'm not being overdramatic. Or maybe I am, but it's totally justified. Generally, I think it's safe to say, that the 'best' concealer out there used by many & many (bloggers) is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. It's cheap, it works a treat (at least I thought), it stays on & covers a lot. I've used about 3 tubes, and stopped looking for a new concealer, because this one just seemed to be approved by so many, that it seemed silly to look any further. That was a mistake. I should have looked. I should have found Jemma Kidd Concealer Duo way earlier! Because it is ZE BEST. *absolutely serious blogger face*

The packaging is nice, it's nothing world-changing, but it does the job. It has got a mirror inside, it's got a rubber surface (which gets incredibly dirty, yuck!), it comes as a duo - which means two concealers in one. I've got it in version fair, which let's be honest - is very very light. One of the colours is slightly more yellow toned and darker & one is super duper pale, almost white. So if you are super pale, this is something you would like to check out!

The consistency is amazingly creamy, almost like an actual cream, so it's very easy to blend in, either with your fingers or a brush (I use e.l.f. concealer brush which works a treat & costs only £3.75!), and it doesn't settle in creases because it behaves like a foundation & just sinks into your skin (some concealers, including the Collection 2000 one, rather sit on my skin) and creates an even surface.  

I don't have any spots or serious skin troubles so can't tell you how it would behave regarding those, however I use it under my eyes and you can tell from the pictures below that it works amazing. Well, the pictures don't do too much justice, but you can tell from my recent face & outfit pictures that my under eye circles are much less visible and my under eye area is way brighter! Before, I would sometimes not use concealer and not even be bothered, now the difference it makes is so big that I have to use it otherwise I feel like I look rough & knackered! Plus, it stays under my eyes for whole day and because of the added jojoba oil, it keeps my under eye area nice & moisturized (Collection 2000 made me feel like the under eye area was gettin' rather tired & wrinkly if it makes sense?)! I've also used it on a couple of blemishes and it worked great, however I have to say the shade is so pale that it doesn't match me greatly on cheeks/chin. I will be getting the two darker versions for summer too!

Now, I know that apparently Jemma Kidd is about to say farewell, but these concealers are still available & I do suggest you snap one or two. They are being sold on Look Fantastic for crazy £16 (which I have to say definitely is worth it), but I got mine off a seller on E-bay for £4! So go go go, E-bay it, buy it, try it & let me know what you think about it! Oh, there are three shades - fair, light & medium.

What's your most favourite concealer ever?