There are only a few lip care products that have touched my lips and actually worked. One of them is the Nuxe lip balm in a pot (which is the best thing ever invented for bedtime lip treatment), then the ELF lip exfoliator & then Korres lip butters. The first one I got was the wild rose one & it was, no exaggeration, love at first sight. Since then (and really, it wasn't that long ago!), I got into a bit of collecting mode. It's not just the wild rose one anymore, it's also the one with quince & the one with jasmine. Oh dear, yes, all three of them. Equally loved, equally amazing.

All these lip butters are absolutely amazing & have been actual life savers in this weather. Although I'm not too keen on the form of pots, I can deal with it - that's how much I love them. They are made with natural ingredients, they sooth & hydrate your lips like crazy - your lips actually feel soft to touch! They are nothing like vaseline and alike, these butters actually work their magic on your lips - they provide an instant but long-lasting soothing effect which improves the texture of your lips in long term run. They are great for sensitive skin, as they do not have strong scent and are very gentle, as they don't contain any harsh chemical ingredients. Each 'flavour' has got different scent (very very subtle!) and different tint. The wild rose butter is obviously the darkest out of the three I own and gives your lips dark red tint. Quince is slightly lighter and gives your lips a rather pink-toned tint. Finally, the most recent addition to my collection is Jasmine - which gives your pout a very pale milky pink tint.

You can buy Korres lip butters from all sorts of places - I've seen them in Harvey Nichols, you can get them off the official Korres website or websites such as Asos or Look Fantastic. Or even on E-bay. I got the newest one from Asos, where it was on sale for about £4! Absolute bargain! Usually they sell for about £6, which is not a lot anyways for what they are, and I will be happily buyin them for the rest of my life (unless I find something even better, if that's possible!). 

Have you tried Korres lip butters?
What's your favourite scent?