Don't tell me that it's just guys who need to buy last minute presents for their girlfriends. I'm pretty sure that half of us girls go through this struggle every single year. Like me, shhh! I just don't enjoy Christmas shopping (the crowds, THE CROWDS!), so if I don't buy all the presents way in advance, it's just going to happen on the 24th. *sigh* Here are a few suggestions for those who are just as lost as me - check out my last minute gift guide for your boyfriend!

Obviously, it really depends on personality of your boyfriend, and also where you live and what stores you can access on the 24th, so the suggestions I'm goin' to give you are pretty much what I can think of or what I might be gettin' the boyfriend this year. 

Firstly, you can't go wrong with a bit of electronics. Some cool gadget such as headphones, speakers, Xbox game, or even a funky phone case are, I think, quite good reliable choices. If your boyfriend is more fashion driven, you can get him either a nice top or if you're not too sure or don't want to risk awkward it's-too-small/big moments, go for stylish jewellery or even funny socks (Family Guy ones are my boyfriend's all time favourites!). Adding to that, if you're boyfriend is into football (or any other sport!), you can pick something along these lines - from a wallet to a mug - all with the motive of his favourite team (WBA themed pressies have never failed yet, bless!). It's always nice to get something that smells lovely, and it doesn't make a difference whether you're a woman or a bloke, so a bottle of your boyfriend's (or yours!) favourite scent is also a possible way to go. If you're sure that the scent is what your boyfriend likes, then go for a usually rather pricey perfume, if you're not too sure whether he's going to like it, or just want to get him some new scent to test out, go for an EDT first. Now, finally a thing you probably wouldn't expect in a gift guide, and it's definitely something that not every single guy would appreciate. But! If you're boyfriend enjoys KFC, Maccies & other horrible fast food sins, he might have already developed a slight addiction to fizzy 'postmix' drinks. That means drinks from those massive machines that make them super fizzy & apparently taste better than just from a bottle. Yes, I'm talkin about a soda maker. You get them in quite pretty designs & can make fizzy drinks like a pro, from soda to pepsi & tango! It is quite pricey, but I'm sure you'll be able to find slightly cheaper variations of this beast in places such as Argos, Asda etc. The last but not least, you can score good girlfriend points if you give your boyfriend something his friends can enjoy with him. Yes, games. Starting from card and board games to a fold-able pool table! You can find more tips in this post about Christmas gifts for the poker players (as I'm not the one to give you tips on manly games, haha!). 

Have you ever done last minute shopping for your boyfriend?
What did you get him?