I've never given too much thought into choice of shower gels, since.. well it's just a shower gel, right?! But then I got this bad boy from Korres to try out & it turned out that I do enjoy that extra relaxing touch of a floral scented shower gel at the end of a long work day. I believe you actually can't appreciate a well thought through shower gel unless you've tried - just like me. I've tried Japanese Rose & as soon as I ran out of it, I ran to buy another bottle - Jasmine this time.

As you can see, the bottles are simple yet they do look pretty & sophisticated while standing in your shower. These two shower gels are definitely aimed at people who enjoy strong yet relaxing scents, especially strong sweet floral ones. The Japanese rose shower gel is way sweeter than Jasmine & Jasmine is way more floral to me - imagine shoving your face into a Jasmine bush & takin' a deep breath. Yes, that sort of scent! I find them both to be extremely comforting & although they don't leather up on me to a massive foam puff, they are comfortable to use & leave your skin feeling clean & slightly scented (not overpowering like you can sometimes experience with Soap & Glory and such!).    

These shower gels come in a number of scents (vanilla, bergamot, cedarwood...) & would make lovely stocking fillers! Plus, they are not way too expensive, so you might as well treat yourself to a bottle of two once in a while! They come in 250ml and cost around £8-9 on Asos or on the official Korres website, however I got mine from TKMaxx for mere £3! It might be worth to check out E-bay too, as Korres sometimes pops up there too!

What's your favourite 'pampering' shower gel?