I'm pretty sure that every girl in the world gets that feeling from time to time - the feeling of having absolutely nothing to wear! Men could never imagine how frustrating that can be - maybe it would be a good topic for a gender studies dissertation? Haha! In one of my previous posts I've mentioned that I'm horrible at buying basics and actually putting decent outfits together. Well, although I haven't found a good sequin skirt yet (for the outfit challenge post here), I have bought/dug out a few basic pieces and actually started enjoying wearing very simple (& affordable!) attire with a few statement bits & bobs. Here's one of my day-off favourites!

So what do I suggest you can do to get away with a black/grey slightly oversized top (from H&M for about £7) layered on a top of a black tank top (from H&M for about £3) and paired up with a dark grey suede skirt (Primark, about £3) and black tights (Primark, £2)? Yes, yes you're counting it right - it's an outfit for £15! Well why not, right? It's comfy, it's fairly warm (layers, yup!) & it gives you space & budget to add up some pretty statement details!

The first bit I've added are furry loafers! Oh yes, I'm goin all black-grey, but hey, so what?! It's winter, all black is allowed! Plus these loafers are so comfy & I can't help it and keep stroking them, haha! I've been looking for a pair on E-bay for a while but couldn't find any simple black ones so when I saw these in a brandless shop for a tenner, the deal was on! And a little interesting fact - these are the best quality pair of shoes from a brandless shop I've ever seen, they are so sturdy, not glue in sight, just absolutely perfect! Plus I really do think that the fur clashes nicely with the suede skirt adding a bit of an interesting detail to the outfit! 

Statement necklace. Yes. The simplest easiest way to spice up a simple outfit is to add a massive necklace (the bigger the better obviously!) - I love this one for its bright burgundy colour & a bib shape. I think it looks really flattering & is so easy to style! I got it from Primark for £4 & I think they are there on sale now!  

These matching burgundy ribbon earrings are from Dorothy Perkins (if I remember right) & I got them in sale last year. I've worn them to death so they do look a bit meh, but they are still good to add a bit of burgundy to your look. I'm also wearing a gold toned boyfriend watch & three thin gold toned rings from Primark.  

And finally, what can you do to add a bit of colour to a toned down outfit? Make-up. This is my take on a burgundy/bronze toned make-up, which will come up in a post tomorrow - yup, I'm cheeky like that, haha! I also added a burgundy nail polish to make the outfit look a bit more polished.  

Do you prefer adding statement pieces of clothes to your outfits or other statement bits & bobs such as jewellery, shoes etc?