The new job & horrible autumn/winter light has taken its toll on ze blog & all picture taking, oh man. That's one of the reasons why I've dedicated today to blog photography and you know what? Yet again, it's pitch black outside and that's only 12 o'clock. God knows what I'm gonna do about it. So for now, because I don't want you to forget my pretty face (muhahaa), here is a snap of my today's make-up using some amazing new products which I've acquired over the past month or so.
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Today's make-up's nothing too heavy, I'm off for the boyfriend's birthday family dinner later on in the day, so didn't wanna scare off the grandparents, haha! Still, it gives you a little taster of what to expect over the next few weeks. As you may have noticed, I've absolutely fallen in love with a brand called Lierac. It started with a cleanser, then I got this aaaah-mazing daily fluid & yesterday I finally caved & bought their velvet foundation. All the products are freakin' brilliant & you'll get the chance to read the praise on each product very soon! I also fell for Korres, which strangely is a Greek brand, but has got some very effective & lovely smelling products which you need to try - yes, I'm talking about their lip butters, but also many more - e.g. their hair care range & body butters! There will be some praise for Look Beauty products, which I haven't featured on my blog a lot until now - livin' under the rock a bit, am I not?! Next up, I should not forget about some gift inspiration - which will come in golden packaging of a new Oriflame perfume & an old Clarins face palette! And because I don't wanna sound all that vain (as in, stuck to my disproportional facial canvas), I will show you some of my new purrdy dresses as well as throw in a new candle brand (that between you & me smells better than Yankee candles)!
Now I'm off to find some light! Have a beautiful day everyone!
What's your last make-up purchase that made you squeal?