My hair, as you probably know, is naturally really thick, heavy... & dead straight. I believe it's in a fairly good condition, however it definitely doesn't mean that my hair wouldn't have some very unruly, dry, wire-like days. Apart from oils I haven't really found anything that would work for it though, as most products weigh my hair down, which gives me headaches & overall makes my hair look even more flat and boring (oh how flatterin', right). Clynol, a brand exlusive to salons, however developed a new Keratin Sleek range which should help with the wired fly-aways & turn my hair into a silky smooth yet lightweight mane. Let's have a look whether it worked...

The Keratin Sleek range basically promises that your hair will become frizz-free for 48 hours. Every single hair on your head will be covered in a special Keratin-Polymer Complex deliverin' smooth and silky hair without one little frizz. That sounds pretty decent me thinks, I was really worried about it being to heavy on my hair thuogh, especially as it claims that it 'covers every single hair in a keratin complex'! *scared eyes* So, how did it go? 

Here are two fairly recent pictures off my Instagram (cityscapebliss) which illustrate the frizz I was talkin' about. It's not tragic, but it definitely could be better. You can just tell that in the left picture my hair was brutallised by heat & in the right one it just had a really dry day. So that was BEFORE

And this is AFTER. I used a few products from the Keratin Sleek range. What I used was the Keratin Silk Shampoo, Keratin Smooth Treatment & Keratin Silk Oil Potion. The range also includes a Blow-drying Balm, however I did not blow dry my hair for this, so I skipped that one. Basically - to put it in simple words, I used a shampoo to cleanse my hair, treatment to condition it & then I rubbed a few drops of the oil potion in the length & ends of my hair. And I have to admit, I'm really impressed. I was so scared that it was gonna feel heavy & sort of silicon-y, but I couldn't have been more wrong. My hair feels really soft, glossy and very hydrated! And even you can see from the picture above that the reduction of fly-aways is incredible, especially in the length of my hair! Overall, it felt pretty much like as if I went into a salon and had my hair done there. Good job Clynol, good job!

Each product costs around £8-9, which is pretty bargainous for a salon range & you can get them from a number of online shops such as Hair Trade, Hair Supermarket or Cheap Smells. I would definitely recommend this to those of you who suffer from frizz & fly-aways and who want to have super smooth yet lightweight hair after a single use! 

How do you combat frizz & fly-aways?