There's been this French craze goin on in the blog world for quite a while, and to be fair, I haven't been sucked in... not yet. Lierac might be the one to change it though. Have you ever heard of this brand before? It was founded in France in 1975 & it specializes in skin disorders & ageing. I picked up their Gel Demaquillant Fraicheur (aka Refreshing Gel Cleanser) in TKMaxx sale, and well, I shouldn't have. Now don't get me wrong - this product is possibly the bets cleanser I've tried in ages but hell, Lierac is a bloody expensive brand for my liking & now I'm left with a need for more, as you do with things you shouldn't need.

Don't get me wrong, the best cleanser that I've tried to this day is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish & there's no doubt that it will stay like that. My skin just loves it & there's nothing so satisfying (in my evening skin care routine, obviously) than wiping off all the make-up after a long day at work. Nevertheless, Liz Earle is rather nourishing if it makes sense, and it's made to cater for even very sensitive skin, which sometimes makes me feel like it isn't brutal enough to my skin to make a drastic difference in its appereance. I don't think I've got a bad skin, I get a spot or two on a random basis (usually when I cuddle Cookie too much), have some darker post-acne scars... what bugs me the most about my skin though are enlarged pores and blackheads. Well, I can deal with blackheads, but they do tend to leave enlarged pores on the top of the enlarged pores I already have. It's a no win-win situation here. So lately I have been trying to find a product that would do something for me in this big-pore-war.  

And Lierac Refreshing Cleansing Gel might be the one. I won't lie to you, I've only been using it for about a week, twice a day. It's a gel/cream-like consistency which you massage into your face (do NOT get anywhere close to your eyes, I've been there, done that & will never do it again), foam it up a little bit  with water (not like a soap lather, it's just a slight foam up) and wash it off. It makes my skin feel SO CLEAN! Like, I can't even describe. After the first few uses, I could actually see that it was opening my pores & getting rid off the dirt in them (that sounds horrid, oh wells). When I dried my face, the skin would feel more plump and the pores looked tighter (yes!). And I have to say that again - that was after a FEW uses. It didn't break me out (nothing really breaks me out though, apart from Garnier - you evil!) & it didn't dry my skin out either (my skin is already dry enough, so no, thank you). Someone may have a problem with the scent - it's very 'fresh linen' (that sort of clean, soap-like scent), however I don't really mind. For the effects it has on my skin I would still be using it even if it smelled like a kitten poo.  

Now to the even more exciting part. You can get this little French miracle for £16 (200ml bottle) on Look Fantastic. Usually it costs around £19 on other websites. And I picked it up in TKMaxx for.. wait for it... £3. Yes, THREE friggin quid! Like, why, TKMaxx, why?! I feel like I should go back & give them more money. I've seen quite a few other Lierac products lying there on a shelf with red sale stickers on them, so i might run back tomorrow & have a little browse - when one product can get so much of my attention & love, the rest of them should be at least good, right? Oh, and I will update you on this cleansing beaut - fingers crossed that as time goes by, it will make my skin feel/look better & better!

Have you ever heard of Lierac before?
Have you tried any of their products?
Which ones would you recommend?