Korres has quickly become one of my absolutely favourite brands ever. Well, really - when Woody Allen & Scarlett Johansson love it, it would be more than odd if I didn't. You could have read about the first ever Korres product - Wild Rose 24h Moisturising & Brightening Cream here & about the infamous Lip Butter in Wild Rose here. If you're anything like me, you probably associate Korres with skin care products, rather than body/hair products - & in that case, you're very wrong. Let me introduce you to Korres Shampoo & Conditioner for Normal Hair with Aloe & Dittany.

I love the simple yet beautiful packaging of Korres products - it's so so simple but it says luxurious at the same time. This might sound a bit silly, but I actually really appreciate that the shampoo & conditioner come in totally different bottles - I tend to have a product overload in my shower sometimes so half of them are standing on the edge at the bottom, so when you're half way through showering, trying to grab bottles from the floor, it just annoys you to pick up three similarly looking bottles & reading the writing on them to figure out what you just picked up. I'm sure this is silly to some, but it's a big help for me!

Shampoo for Normal Hair with Aloe & Dittany contains additional extracts from marjoram & mountain tea from Crete & is ideal for daily use - it's cleansing as well as conditioning. I think it gives your hair the right balance of cleansing & conditioning, and it makes my hair feel really healthy and lightweight. The subtle fresh herbal scent is a nice addition to the overall effects on my hair. What I really appreciate is that, although it is a shampoo for daily use, I definitely do not need to use it daily. As you know, I wash my hair every second or third day, and some shampoos don't do much good to this routine (for instance the Macadamia shampoo is absolutely amazing and makes my hair feel so nourished, yet I really need to be careful & wash it all out properly, otherwise I have to wash my hair on the second day no matter what, grrr!). This Korres shampoo is so easy to use, I feel like I can't go wrong when I'm using it.

Korres Conditioner for Normal Hair with Aloe & Dittany also contains extracts from marjoram & moutain tea from Crete and it helps detangling your hair, nourishes it & increases its elasticity. I only use it throughout the length of my hair and on the ends, as I don't really like putting conditioner on my roots. It works great though, together with the shampoo, which I already think helps with tangled hair. Oh my, do you get tangled hair as much as I do in autumn/winter? It's ridiculous! Scarfs, hats, collars of coats. Urgh. It just makes my hair so knotty it's unreal. The combination of these two though combats the worst cases and a splash of hair oil on the very ends of my hair saves me from rippin out tangled knots of my hair (don't tell me you've never done it, aha!).

The shampoo comes in a 250ml bottle & costs 12.50 (currently on sale on Asos for £6.50!!) & the conditioner comes in a 200ml bottle & costs 13.50

Have you tried Korres products?
What are your Korres favourites?