I don't really agree with the Christmas hype until at least the 1st of December, but hey ho - it's so ridiculously cold here in England that I guess sometimes you just can't help it & have to cheer yourself up with a little bit of Christmas spirit. So how to do it without wearing jingle bell earrings and red Rudolf's nose? Nail polish. Preferably one that smells like candy cane, snow or gingerbread! No, you don't have to add any secret festive ingredients into your regular nail polish, you can just pop into TKMaxx & pick up the Simple Pleasures scented nail polish set!

These nail polishes are just so cute & the idea of Christmas scents is just lovely! They come in a set of 6 bottles, 7.4ml each. The design of the bottles is nothing too quirky & let's be honest, they do feel a bit cheap (well, they are really cheap after all). Especially the lids on some of them are somehow dried out, so they are a bit tough to open - for the price it's nothing I should really moan about though & overall they do look cute bundled up together on my dressing table. The formula is nothing too amazing either, if anything it's a bit strange. I absolutely love that they are 100% opaque in one coat (I don't think I've ever seen a nail polish so opaque & vivid to be fair) & they dry almost immediately. On the other hand, you need a really good base coat & top coat, because otherwise they almost 'rub off' when you touch your nails - really odd!      

The main point though is that each of these little bottles has got (or maybe should have?) a specific festive scent to it when dried. I love the idea of having nails that smell like gingerbread or candy cane (although my boyfriend pointed out that sniffing your fingers for whatever reason is beyond gross - pffft!). I have to say though, I'm not sure about this whole scented factor. The wet nail polish has got a really strong strange scent to it & when it dries, it's just... odd. It's not unpleasant, I'd say it's sort of sweet, but it definitely doesn't remind me of gingerbread, snow or berry frost. It's just sweet & inoffensive, nothing more.  

I bought this set of 6 nail polishes for £4.99 in TKMaxx when I was out & about with Terri the other day. The fact that the bottles are a bit cheaply made & the scents are not actually matching the description is a bit disappointing, yet for the price - 80p per bottle of a seasonal nail polish with absolutely amazing opaque pigmentation in great festive colours makes it a bit less of a fail.

What's your favourite Christmas nail polish?