As you probably understood from those many posts on interior design & subsequent toned-down blogging activity over past two weeks, I moved into a new flat. It is officially my first ever flat, as in.. 'mine' (& boyfriend's & Cookie's obviously!). I've only lived in halls so far or in share houses after I moved out of my parents' house, so gettin our own place is beyond any describable excitement for me. We have settled down pretty quickly to be fair, so I can now proudly show you a few snaps from our new, very IKEA infused living room, whoooo!  

 A candle from Home Bargains for £3 that looks & smells just like Yankee Candles (yes, I now live in a walking distance from Home Bargains, muhaha!).

 Now I don't share my flat with other people, I can have cookies & grapes on the table all the time without being in constant fear that someone is gonna eat them.

I absolutely love these red Christmas flowers (God knows what they are really called!), they create ultimate holiday coziness!

 Our new sexy cushions - you can't go wrong with pirate ships, black furry fluf & 'tashes, can you?!

 Our pirate curtains from IKEA - because I live with a 20 year old, not a 5 year old, obviously.

 A little Cookie face from Poundland - the only way how not to burn our dinner.

 And the real Cookie monster - how big is he now?!

 Look at the little white 'tashe!

Casual Saturday morning - Cookie occupying most of the bed as per usual.

If you could name only one thing that makes you feel the coziest, what would it be?