When I was little my brother would always call me a squirrel - I guess that was because my name in Czech rhymes with it (or maybe I just refuse to accept that my teeth always looked a bit rodent-ish?!). Long story short - as soon as I saw this squirrel shirt on Asos, the deal was done! And you know what? It's still available - & on sale! *hint hint*

I guess I should have gone for a size smaller, but based on my recent experience (bought a shirt in this shop, had to return it the following day because I picked one too small, I picked another one with it, had to return it the following day because it was too small, picked a dress instead, had to return it the following day because it was too small, picked another dress with it, had to return it the following day because it was for boobless people... - yup, got it right, I'm an absolute idiot when it comes to shopping without being able to try things on!) I just decided to go for a size up just in case. So it is a bit oversized, but better be oversized than sorry, right?  

I really like how it goes with my black faux leather jacket! Such a comfy combo!

I wore it with this pretty necklace off E-bay (it was like £3, probably not even that expensive, haha!), gold toned rings off Asos & a Michael Korrs watch dupe from Debenhams.

Oh & with the cutest cat earrings ever! From Dorothy Perkins sale for about £2! Once a cat lady, always a cat lady!

And on my face I was wearing New Cid I-Perfection Colour Adjust Foundation (makes you look absolutely flawless!), Bourjois blush in Lune D'Or, MAC Skinfinish in Semi-Precious Rose QuartzLOOK Beauty brow fillers, Collection 2000 black felt tip eyeliner & MUA mascara. On my lips I've got my new NARS lipstick in Catfight (yaaaay, my first NARS lipstick!). I will review most of these products soon, and also express my NARS excitement more - wheeee!    

Here is the link for the squirrel shirt, it's now been discounted to £15.50! C'mon, who doesn't love a bit of a forrest wilderness on their tops, right?

What's your favourite print at the moment? Cats? Leaves? Snowflakes?