There has been so many brow kits reviewed, so many times, on so many blogs, websites & even Twitter has seen some heated discussions over them. Yet, let's look at it objectively, most of them are just the same - 1 or 3 shades of brown & 1 extra shade of beige/blonde, tweezers, little brush, maybe wax or gel. Put it all in black plastic & here ya go - a nice neat brow kit. So, what has LOOK Beauty done so amazingly different & eye catching? Erm, they put 7 (yes, SEVEN) shades of powder together with a double sided brush, tweezers, a little fix gel in a mascara tube, 4 brow stencils, an instruction leaflet for perfect brows AND a massive mirror together & created your 'foolproof brow perfecting masterclass' Brow Perfect! kit.

I think it's a pretty innovative concept to be fair, or at least it's something each & every single brand hasn't produced yet! Someone might think it is a bit over the top & well, it is in a way. You definitely do not need 7 different shades of powder to define your brows, especially when the easiest way to achieve the right shade for your brows is to mix two colours together, but then it is handy. This brow kit seems like it will never fail you. It comes with clear instructions how to achieve the perfect brow. 

If you are a bit unsure about your brow shape or you're a beginner or you're after a slightly different brow look, there are four different stencils to choose from.

Obviously the kit comes with tweezers & a brush, and seven shades of powder. I haven't seen many (any?) drugstore brow kits that would actually feature pure black shade & a really really light one either, so this is definitely something to appreciate. I sometimes like to go for a rather light shade when I'm trying to achieve a natural look, so the fair colours & perfect for that, but sometimes I like to go for a bold look & now I can even mix dark brown & black when I'm feelin' a bit cray cray. The powders as such are nice quality and stay put whole day on my brows. They are fairly powdery, however it's managable to work with them pretty easily.   

My personal favourite is the fixing gel, which looks like a clear mascara but honestly - this little devil can HOLD. Someone might find it a bit uncomfortable, as the gel literally freezes your brows in one place. People like me though, who suffer from stubborn unruly brow hairs will love this - it doesn't peel off during the day (you know how some clear mascaras sort of flake off?) & it doesn't move unless I wash it off. Just brilliant! 

The packaging is nothing too fancy - at first sight. When you open it though, the top layer has got a sliding slot underneath it where there are the stencils & instructions, plus the lid has got a massive mirror on the inside! 

You can see that I used the top brown shade to fill in the middle of my brows and only lightly touched each end - that apparently makes your brows more arched!

You can get this kit in selected Superdrugs for £11.99 which is not the cheapest, but hey - you won't ever need another brow kit! It's definitely not something you should throw into your handbag, it's rather a tool which helps you achieve a wide variety of looks & I believe it would be really handy for amateur make-up artists & people who generally enjoy toying with make-up! *me me scream*

 Do you like playing with your brow look or do you stick to the one look you feel most comfortable with?