Invisible Radiance foundation & concealer by Daniel Sandler must be the most luxurious face product I own. Not (only) because of the fairly steep price tag (for my usual standards - it might be spare change for some of you though, eh), but because of the surreally beautiful effect it creates on my skin. I've already talked about Daniel Sandler's Watercolour blush before & was really impressed by the natural look it created on my cheeks. Now after trying the Invisible Radiance, I think I understand what Daniel Sandler's products are all about - great quality products that make you look as if you haven't used them, yet they emphasise the healthy glowy natural look - me likes! 

I'm not the one to go for high-end foundations. I'm not really the one to go for foundations at all. If people were to get tattoos of products they use the most, I would have a giant BB written all over my face. But then I thought - everyone & their dog loves foundations & seems to be on a constant quest for the perfect one, so why not me, huh?! Well, now I'm on it, and it's tragically frustrating - I used to like my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum & was pretty content with it. Then I got Revlon Colorstay & hmmm, it's a bit poo to be honest. Then I got Bourjois Healthy Mix (the original one) & that's even a bigger poo to tell the truth. But then, the internet seems to believe that high-end foundations are the ones that work the best, so I dived into them. 

Daniel Sandler's Invisible Radiance is not only a foundation, it comes as a combo of a fluid foundation & a creamy concealer. The packaging is so deluxe it makes my heart skip! I've read before that someone finds it a bit tricky to use the foundation, as you have to unscrew the top with the concealer in it (comes with a little handy mirror for emergency), and then you scoop out the foundation with a little spatula attached to it. Personally, it works fine for me - I unscrew the top, scoop out a few blobs of the foundation on my face, screw it back on, buff it in with Real Techniques face brush & then apply concealer from the lid with my fingers. I think it's a very travel friendly packaging, as I've been carrying it around in my handbag & doin on my make-up on the train while commuting to work (oh, how glamorous!). It's also pretty light to be fair, and I've dropped it a few times and it's still goin more than strong!  

The Invisible Radiance comes only in 4 shades, which to be fair, made me a bit panicky when picking the right shade. The shades are: Porcelain, Beige, Honey & Deep sand. Porcelain is super pale shade with pinkish undertone, Beige is a sort of fair medium, Honey & Deep sand are much deeper darker yellow toned shades. I was hesitant whether to pick Porcelain or Beige, because online swatches for Porcelain seemed about right to me, but then, there are only 4 shades and I surely wouldn't be the lightest one?! So I went for Beige thinking if it's too dark, I might just fake tan my face a little. When I first saw the bottle I immediately thought it was going to be too dark. Alas - it's such a sheer foundation that sinks into your skin better than a BB cream, that there probably really isn't need for more shade variations. I can use Beige when I'm totally washed out but I can also use it when I'm tanned!

The consistency is, I would say, medium, maybe slightly more runny than your regular foundation from drugstore. It glides on skin really nicely and doesn't create streaks, doesn't stick to dry patches and doesn't settle in creases on my skin. It creates a lovely texture which gives your face a really nice dewy finish. I would definitely say that this foundation is for dry/drier skin, as it feels very hydrating and almost nourishing. Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend it to people with oily skin, as it almost creates a 'wet' look on my (usually pretty dry) face, so mixing that up with oily skin could turn out to be disastrous. The same goes for concealer, which I love to use under my eyes to brighten up the under eye circles a bit. The foundation itself gives a decent coverage and covers all my blemishes (I don't have many, just a few darker post-spot scars here and there), however I think it's more suitable for trouble-less skin, as the coverage is quite sheer and as I already mentioned, it 'sinks' into your skin, so probably won't cover big spots etc. 


Overall, I have to say I'm in love - & I got so many compliments when wearing it! My boyfriend's mum actually said that she loves how flawless yet natural my skin looks with it, wheeee! So yet again, thank you Daniel for coming up with such a lovely product! It's definitely one that I'm going to repurchase once I run out. The usual retail price of this beaut is £28, however you can get it for £25 off the Hair Trade website at the moment! And if you click here, you can have a look at a little tutorial video with Daniel Sandler applying this foundation and giving you a few tips! 

What's the best foundation you've ever tried?