Today I've got a little inspirational post for y'all. You know I've got a little problem with phone cases and well, all things one doesn't really need, just wants (oh, the material vanity!). At the moment I do have (more than) enough phone cases for my little old Galaxy, however when I came across these, I thought they were worth sharing! I think they are so pretty and simple, which means really far from my usual childishness (yep, I'm trying to grow up now I've got my own flat - I baked muffins this morning!). Have a look how art & technology can create beauty in the form of a phone case! 

I believe that the ones I picked are sleek and artsy, yet they represent technology at its best. A very obvious pick is the first 'tashe one - everyone loves a tashe here and there, right? I was actually surprised that it's from Chicwish, since I thought that Chicwish only sells clothes. The fox one reminds me of the Ohh Deer collection I posted about last week. I guess forest/wilderness theme is pretty common in the world of graphic design, so a deer phone case isn't such a surprise. However, I have to point out that the galaxy overlay is more than beautiful & makes it look very girly indeed! The three following cases are, I would say, rather in the tribal theme, which obviously doesn't make them any less attractive. The last two are pretty wild - I really like the look of the one with a quote 'The clearest way to the universe is through a forest wilderness' (awh, true that!). And obviously my eye got caught by the one with wooden effect - how quirky does that look! 

And if you are as skint as I am at the moment, you can have a look at this website called Music Magpie, where you can sell all your old CD's, DVD's and you can also sell mobile phones and laptops. It is so easy - you just put everything you don't want into one box & send it to them. When they receive it, they send you payment into your account. You can also check how much you would get on the website, as it's got a sort of calculator where you put in the EAN code and it tells you how much the particular thing is worth. Better than chucking everything in the rubbish bin, huh? And with the little cash it earns you, you can buy a phone case for yourself or for someone else (maybe for Christmas? *wink wink*)!

Do you prefer artsy phone cases to the cutesy ones or vice versa?
PS: Terri from Hello, Terri Lowe started making the cutest phone cases ever! They look like a massive pile of whipped cream with little cutesy charms in it - I actually thought it was edible when I first saw it, haha - I'm such a daft girl. Go & tweet her on @hello_terrilowe and make her make one for you!