Do you remember the tweet about pretty Rare London dresses the postman brought me the other day? Yeah, that one! Well, I just had to show you at least one of them already! It's so pretty & so... me! I haven't done an outfit post for absolute ages, so it was really about time anyways, plus I've got a white wall now (the blogger's dream, huh?) so there are no excuses anymore. Let me introduce you to this stunning lace skater dress, my new favourite lipstick (or lip stick?) & my little lion kitten.

This dress makes for such a pretty all year round piece! You can wear it in spring and on colder summer days for it's pretty airy but you can dress it up with tights, leather jacket, scarf & boots for autumn & winter. That's always a winner in my books! It's got a bit of lace, a bit of burgundy & a bit of black - I don't think you could get a dress that would be more me in those terms to be fair. I'm a lace obsessor as you have surely noticed & wear pretty much only dark colours. Even better, the company I started working for has got a black/burgundy dress code, aha! The dress comes with a little black thin belt, which surprisingly fits me in the waist - most of these belts that come with dresses are too loose for me (God knows why, I'm not such that tiny waisted!).

Cookie lion was in mood to cuddle & I think that secretly he just wanted to show off in front of the camera. He's only 6 months and he's already so big! I don't even wanna know how big he's gonna be when he actually grows up! If you want to see more Cookie pictures, you can follow me on Instagram - I'm cityscapebliss & take pictures of Cookieto almost daily (hence the hash tag #cookiedaily, doh).

You can't really see a lot of accessories in these pictures (urgh, am a horrible self-picture taker, have to work on that skill), but I've added a few dainty golden toned bits - this D necklace (my boyfriend's name is Daz) is from Primarni for about a quid or so, and I'm also wearing black Primarni stud earrings with an Internacionale cross bracelet & Asos band rings.  

On my face I'm wearing my new favourite foundation - Lierac Velvet Cream Foundation (a review coming up tomorrow!), Stila eyeshadow in Kitten, black Collection 2000 felt tip eye liner, Lancome mascara, Look Beauty brow filler (review coming up soon too!), MAC (yes, I said MAC!!) Skinfinish in Semi-precious Rose Quartz & a Topshop Lip Stick in Blush. That Blush lip stick is absolutely beautiful. If you have tried Coy & thought it was a bit meh because of the incredible dryness & flakiness, then don't be scared of trying different colours - they vary in consistency and Blush is actually on verge of hydrating!   

Oh, I totally forgot - this is where you can get the beautiful dress, it's £34 & they offer one with purple skirt as well, if you're not a fan of burgundy!

What's your favourite piece of clothing you've been wearing lately?