Do you remember the times when Groupon was all we talked about it? It was (well, it still is) that amazing website with absolutely random deals (from salon appointments and concert tickets to cameras and cushions with photography prints), which you just had to get - they were that good! That hype seems to be long gone, because let's face it - it just made you buy things you never really needed in the first place. The demand shifted to more niche and rather specific websites - like the ACHICA one. Achica homeware works on a similar idea like Groupon (members-only deals are offered only for a certain period of time), however it's focused on luxury lifestyle products. Yesterday I discovered the most amazing, magical, quirky, arty cushion collection there - check out the Ohh Deer!   
On the Achica website you can find loads and loads of pretty darn good deals on luxurious products - and not only homeware (which I'm currently obsessed with - on here, on E-bay, on IKEA website, you name it!), they also offer deals on handbags, books, sweet treats, and even short breaks! It's a website where you can definitely find a treat for yourself or someone you love. I absolutely fell in love with this cushion collection by artists' collective Ohh Deer! It's just amazing, I can't even describe it. I want to have every single cushion from them! My absolute favourite is number 3 with the little wolf baby held by two big human hands and the one in the very middle with a bear and a girl, which looks very native American to me! Ah, they are just so beautiful! Each cushion is £22 which is A LOT, however it is discounted from £35 and it's basically a piece of art, so here you go!

This deal ends on Friday 26th October at 6.30am, so grab a bargain when you can!

Which cushion is your favourite?