Have you heard of Firmoo? Well, to be fair I would be a bit surprised if you haven't! Especially if you're a wearer of glasses and read blogs. This brilliant company knows how to attract customers - they are currently offering a free pair of glasses for their new customers, because they know that their products are of a great quality and one happy customer means a whole bunch of new happy customers. I've always wanted a pair of massive very plastic looking glasses - that sort of geek chic, or maybe just geek. Either way, Firmoo made me a very happy girl! 

I picked this pair of unisex acetate full-rim glasses in a sort of brown/tortoise shell colour. The service was brilliant, you just filled in a form with your prescription and sent it off. I love that the website itself is very detailed - you get all possible measurements you can think of, plus you can also view an interactive model of the glasses AND other people wearing them. Simply brilliant! 

The glasses themselves are a great quality, they are sturdy and have really nice colour. The sit on my nose nicely and aren't too wonky either. I love that they came with a nice hard case, as well as a soft cloth, a soft case and a little screw driver with spare screw (bless the person who thought of me and enclosed the latter ones, haha!).  

And you know what's the most awesome thing about these? They are just $21.95 which is about £13! Woop woop! You can have a browse through their store here, Firmoo sells not only prescription glasses, but also some very pretty sunglasses! 

Have you ordered your free pair from Firmoo?
Which pair have you picked?