I have to say, I'm not a big catwalk follower. I'm not too keen on what's in & what's out, I just wear things that I consider pretty myself - simple like that! However sometimes, just sometimes, I spot a look that's not too cray cray and goes with my style, or at least my imaginary dream style (you know, the things you try on in shops and think they look amazing and are just so 'you' but then realize that you probably wouldn't leave your house in it because it's not plain and it's not black or gray - yeah, I'm sad like that, eh). Just like this one - Marchesa Gold Embroidery dress. It's absolutely, absolutely stunning in my opinion and looks so festive, yet not over the top glittery and sequiny. So I had a little browse in a quest to find some close (obviously more affordable, doh!) dupe. And I found it in the House of Fraser Coast collection - and it's on sale! Woah!
This amazing Duanna lace dress is exactly in line with the idea of Marchesa - it's simple, it's lace, it's sparkly, it's got 'feminine' written all over it. I love the colour, the shape, the detailing (oooh, the lace detailing!). It's still quite expensive for £95, but it did cost £150, so you are saving up quite a lot & it's a dress that's gonna last! Basically all the pieces in the Coast collection are very elegant, feminine and it's pretty easy to find matching accessories with the dress you pick - for the Duanna dress I picked this rose-gold Honey box clutch (which actually does look like a honeycomb!) & a pair of simple yet beautiful Maria Gold earrings. I would also pair this outfit with a nice pair of sparkly heels - if I only could walk in them, haha! So really, I would wear these sparkly wedges, which are also on sale at the moment! You'd look like an actual friggin gem in this outfit! *dreamy sigh*

By the way, I'm not really that thrilled by the whole Christmas craze which has already started, however a little sparkle can't hurt anyone, right? Since I'm currently moving flats (yep, I'm blogging from the new flat - well, not really - I'm on a train right now, ha!), so I'm not exactly able to spend money on pretty dresses (IKEA should probably just take my credit card and let me sleep in their warehouse - that sounds more like my life at the moment), but I will be patiently waiting for this dress to go down a few pounds and maybe have it as an early Christmas present from the boyfriend? *puppy eyes* (just in case he's readin this! *wink*)

What's the best catwalk outfit you've ever seen?
Have you ever taken inspiration from catwalk?