The title doesn't sound very right - who's ever seen a wicked fawn?! Yet, Topshop managed to bring these two together in one amazing creation. Two new lipsticks from their limited edition called The Dark Side of Nude. As this edition's tag line claims; Gothic beauty has gone glam this A/W season and that's why Topshop came up with these two pretty 'goth' shades - an (almost deadly) nude & a fierce (vampire) burgundy. Wrap this goodness up in black matte packaging and here you go - WICKED & FAWN.   
The packaging is probably the most beautiful packaging of Topshop's limited editions I've seen so far. It's very sleek, yet has got the typical whimsical Topshop touch to it. It doesn't feel cheap (let's be honest, the silver bullets of the Sisters of New Moon collection did look a tad tacky) and the packaging seems to have an almost rubbery matte coating over it, which I believe will keep the lipsticks looking untouched even when you leave them floating in your handbag (and that just doesn't happen with the core collection white packaging). The formula is the same like any other Topshop lipstick, it's very creamy and although the colours have got a good staying power, they do not dry your lips out too brutally.   

Fawn is a very natural nude colour, I would say it is on the beige side of the spectrum of nudeness. Can't help it & have to say it looks a bit like a concealer lip, but in the right shade and intensity (so you don't look scary dead!). In terms of other shades from the core collection, I swatched it next to Desert and it looks like a less intense, more sheer version of it. On my lips it looks a bit more natural and comfortable than Desert (which I find a bit too intense in its beigness). Wicked though, is an absolutely stunning burgundy shade. In the bullet it looks very very brown-toned, but it transfers on my lips as a very intense and glossy wine colour. It is definitely buildable and you can go from a very light, almost stained look (as if you just had a glass of red wine) to a proper deep vampire look (I find that the more layers you put on the more glossy it gets).

These two lipsticks have very quickly become my absolute favourites of late - I literally wear either Fawn or Wicked these days, and although they are a bit pricey for £9 each in Topshop stores or online, they are definitely worth at least swatchin in the store (plus you can get a decent student discount!). 

This way I would also like to say a big thank you to my beloved boyfriend who ran to Topshop to get them for me on the day they were released - he's the sweetest <3 

Have you bought any products from the new Topshop collection?