Transparent plastic chairs have become quite a recent phenomenon in the field of interior design, but do you actually know what they are, who made them & how to style them? So first of all, they are not just plastic. They are made of a sturdy material called polycarbonate plastic and for the way they are made (from a single mould injection), and their transparent look, they are sometimes called ghost chairs. And the designer who's guilty for this ghost mania is called Philippe Starck (is it just me or does he sound very Ironman-like? *wink*). And why are people so obsessed with these chairs?  
I don't think that the main reason people like them so much is the look of them, maybe the functionality is the big seller (& that's probably why I'm attracted to them too). Transparency gives these chairs one very unique feature - they create space. Look at the pictures below & you get the gist. Being transparent means being practically invisible, hence less space-consuming. What a brilliant idea, don't you think? Personally, I would love to have one or two in my flat just to give it a bit of a modern twist and a sort of airy feel - the more space, the better! Oh, and have you noticed the combination of a ghost chair & fur? That's just beyond beautiful!

(all images are via We Heart It & Pinterest)

It might be hard to get a hold of such a chair, as they are not sold in Ikea, as far as I know, and you will have to search for a specific seller. I've found that Lakeland Furniture is one to sell these & they even offer free UK delivery. These ghost chairs come in a number of variations - you can pick from childrens chair to Victoria chair (the one that's more suitable for a dining table) or Louise chair (the ones that's more suitable for work tables and living room areas). In addition, you can also pick different colour alternatives (not just plain transparent), from purple & pink to deep green & blue.

Are you fans of ghost chairs or are they too futuristic for your liking?