If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I've totally fallen in love with Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, Shampoo & Rinse. Now when I saw that Macadamia released a new product called Flawless (which is not your standard shampoo/conditioner, and comes in a gel/foam like consistency), I got automatically attracted to it & obviously intrigued (who wouldn't be by a shampoo/not shampoo?). I've been testing it for a few weeks now & I can tell you one thing - no matter how weird the product looks at first, it's very likely the best product I've ever put on my hair. Meet Macadamia Flawless*!

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The product has got the typical Macadamia design on the packaging, yet it looks a tad more luxurious - the bottle is metal & sort of a golden metalic colour - very fancy! It comes in a massive 250ml container (I've been using it for a few weeks & it's still going strong!). Now, you probably don't care about the bottle as much as you care about the product - so what Macadamia Flawless is? It's pretty much everything your hair needs! As the bottle says - it cleanses, conditions, refines & perfects every single hair on your head. Here are a few benefits that Macadamia Flawless provides neatly written up in the press release:

All in one cleansing & conditioning (so you don't need a separate shampoo & conditioner, this does it all!)
Refines hair texture (no frizz ever again! it contains lovely oils that take care of your hair)
Optimises styling processes (apparently it halves the time of blow drying and it protects your hair from heat, so you shouldn't need any additional heat protectants!)
Suitable for all hair types
Surfactant-free & Paraben-free
Detangles your hair
UV protection (ergo reduces colour fade)
Creates volume
Adds shine & lustre
And I can't really argue - this is exactly what it does. It's just... ah, beautiful!
The consistency, as I mentioned above, is a tad odd & you're more than likely to screw up the first time you use it. It's pretty much the same like the gel you use for shaving your legs - it comes out as a gel, but it sort of foams up a little bit once it's in your hands. Not as much as the shaving gel does, but it sort of does go a little foamy (I should really work on my language skills, eh). Now you need to massage this into your hair & your scalp. And by massage, I mean MASSAGE. It just doesn't work if you don't spend those 3 minutes getting it properly all over your hair and on your scalp (I found the more time I spend on it, the better the results are). You leave it in for another 3 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. Tadaaaah - you've got the most beautiful hair ever. What I love is that it makes my hair feel so so so soft and healthy, it detangles it real well, and it makes it feel very... clarified? But like, nourished clarified, if that makes any sense. Oh, and the smell - it's like the other Macadamia products, but a little stronger & more floral! 

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You can read more about this product on the official Macadamia website. It retails for £25.75, which let's be honest - is quite a lot. But considering what it does, and basically you can get rid off all your conditioners & heat protecting sprays - it's definitely worth it. You can always have a look online, as you can find some slightly cheaper retailers - Cheap Smells offer it for £19.45 & Hair Trade for £20.60 in a set that includes Healing Oil & a comb. I'm definitely goin to be investing in this once it runs out, it will be hard to find something that can beat this beaut.  

What do you think about shampoos & conditioners in one?
Have you tried Macadamia Flawless?