Do you remember the post about MUA & the new products they were about to launch? Well, that's happened & I couldn't help it & ordered them online straight away! I got the Artiste Collection, the brow kit, the nail constellations & one cream blusher. I was really intrigued by the cream blusher, because BB creams & cream blushers are a match made in heaven, me thinks. It might be a bit tricky to work with a foundation, powder & a cream blush, but it works magic with a BB. And they are super easy to apply with just your fingers having a full control over the application. Now, when I got my parcel, I swatched everything straight away (don't tell me you don't do it too, haha!), even the cream blusher in Bittersweet - and let's be honest - I was very disappointed. Let me tell you more... 
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Basically, the first thing that annoyed me was the stickers. I know, for the price I shouldn't moan, but c'mon. MUA used to have normal stickers, that sort of stickers that come off straight away. Not these horrible things that I found on the new products, I even got glue on my hands that wouldn't come off! Urgh. Right after I got over the sticker-fury, I swatched the cream blush and... well there was nothing. Like literally no pigmentation, just a strange slimey gooey clear whatever it was. I was so disappointed!
But behold - I do not give up easily! Especially not on MUA! So I decided to investigate - the swatches on MUA's official blog looked very pigmented, which I found strange because when I swatched it, no colour showed up. So I swatched it again, and again, and again. Well I swatched it like ten times & voila - I got to the actual blush!!! I don't know what that was, if it was just an odd batch, or maybe some protective layer? Now that layer is gone, the blush actually has got an amazing pigmentation and is overall pretty ace!  
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It comes in a simple packaging - I've got a feeling that the new products are packed in a bit more sturdy plastic cases, which is very good (the regular powder blushers just fell apart on me). As I already mentioned, once you get through the clear layer of goo, the pigmentation is brilliant - when you swipe your finger in it a few times, you can get as vivid colour as Topshop cream blushers give you - Bittersweet would be probably a slightly lighter Flush. The consistency is different from Topshop cream blushers though. It's more like a thin cream (Topshop blushes are more like a thick powdery cream), but it still glides nicely onto your cheeks & gives them a healthy glowy flush. What I found absolutely fascinating was that I applied it at 9am & when I got back from outside around 8pm (I even got caught in the rain!), I still had the pink colour on my cheeks!     
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These blushers come in 4 different shades (Bittersweet being the pinkest shade) and cost £2 each. You can get them either online in MUA store or in selected Superdrugs. Keep your eyes peeled if you want to see swatches of the other shades, as I will be stocking up on these!
And what lesson have I learnt today? Second chance might not always be a waste of time or a mistake, it may actually prove to work! (try not to apply this on relationships though, that probably won't work, eh)
Have you tried MUA cream blushers yet?