Have you ever watched the movie Break-up? I have. I watched it last week & it made me ever so slightly depressed that I kept thinking about it, well, for another week. It showcased the typical man/woman preferences when it comes to living spaces. Me & my boyfriend are no exception - I want our flat to be full of pretty flowers, Yankee candles and little kitties, whereas he wants... just look at the picture below, you'll get the gist. 3D TV, jacuzzi, bar (including a bar tender & a cook aka me), pool table, big stereo, oh yeah - basically he wants a penthouse that's gonna cost up to £400 a month including bills *very cough realistic cough*. Now the problem is that I'm a nice girlfriend & I don't like sayin no, but hey - kitten print & a pool table, that's gonna be a tough one. Guess it's time to learn to compromise! Let's practise it on bar stools, they seem to be a pretty typical man-furniture to me.
Personally I believe that bar stools are just useless and unnecessary and why-would-you-have-them piece of furniture to have in your own home. They are obviously functional for bars (hence bar stools, doh!) and fast food restaurants (imagine takin a piece of Maccies into your own home, bleurgh), but men seem to be strangely attracted to them. With my mind open, I decided to go on a quest & research the little devils. Maybe there's a chance they could somehow look alright in a flat? Maybe I could be a loving girlfriend and let my boyfriend have one or two? Haha, yeh, in case he'd actually ask before bringin them home! But hey - I have found some pretty decent kitchen designs with fairly nice looking and maybe even functional bar stools (they seem to be less space consuming if anything)? By the way, can we just call them kitchen stools from now on?   

(all images are from Pinterest)
Now an important question - where do you buy a bar stool for your own home? One that doesn't have a massive bottom to screw into the floor? The obvious choice is IKEA, although the selection there looks fairly limited. I actually found that there's a UK bar stool distributor called Bar Stools! (How many times do I need to say 'stool' before it starts sounding really weird?!) They seem to sell any sort of bar stool you could think of - from ultra-modern ones with tulip-shaped seats and beautiful cream leather combined with wood ones to almost scarily looking ones resembling a dentist chair. Guess we could make a deal and pick one or two (which I will prettify with some kitten/floral/fluffy cushions), just so I don't end up travelling to India like Jennifer Anniston for some self-realization journey or whatever it was, no, thank you.
What about you & bar stools? Yay or nay?